What Makes Some a Good Candidate for Teeth in a Day?

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It sounds good, right? You get your dental implants placed and then a day or two later, you get your temporary replacement teeth fixed to your implants instead of having to wear dentures while your implants heal. That’s the gist of Teeth in a Day full arch dental implants. However, no every dental implant patient is a strong candidate for Teeth in a Day. So what makes someone a strong candidate for Teeth in a Day? Find out what it takes to make Teeth in a Day viable and then get definitive answers about your candidacy by scheduling a consultation.

The Profile of a Strong Candidate for Teeth in a Day

It goes without saying that any candidate for dental implants needs to have a need for new teeth. However, tooth loss leads to bone loss as the areas of the jawbone once stimulated by the roots of teeth begins to deteriorate. So a strong candidate for Teeth in a Day is someone who has a need for a mouth of replacement teeth, yet still has enough jawbone mass and density to support dental implants.

Take a look at some of the things that would make someone a strong candidate for immediate-load dental implant systems such as Teeth in a Day:

  • Good health – this means no chronic disease, autoimmune disease or issues performing regular hygiene.
  • No oral parafunctional habits – these are unconscious behaviors such as teeth grinding and teeth clenching.
  • Devotion – the strongest of candidates are those who are devoted to improving their oral health, those will to diligently care for their new replacement teeth and implants.

Get Definitive Answers on Your Candidacy for Teeth in a Day

Take a moment to reserve an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting Teeth in a Day in Austin, TX. The best way to know for sure where you stand as a candidate for Teeth in a Day is to talk with the experts.

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