Dental Implants
and Bone Grafts

Bone Grafting

In situations with moderate to severe gum disease involving bone loss, minor surgical procedures are necessary to stop the progression of gum disease. If bone loss is contained to specific areas or meets certain conditions, it may be treated with bone grafting. With this procedure, bony defects around the teeth are thoroughly cleaned to remove all infected gum tissue. Once clean, these defects are filled with very small bone particles and covered with a collagen barrier. In certain cases, Advanced Dental Implant Center doctors may add growth factors to stimulate the body’s healing of the bony defect.

The bone used to treat these defects comes from a bottle and does not require us to take bone from other parts of your body. This bottled bone is extremely safe and effective.

As the bottled bone graft heals, it tells your body to grow new bone in the defect around your tooth. Over time, your body replaces the bottled bone graft with your own bone and the defect around your tooth is a thing of the past.

If you have been told that you have deep pockets in your gums or bone loss, the Advanced Dental Implant Center surgeons would love to help you improve the health of your mouth. Call us today to schedule an evaluation.


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