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We Specialize In Difficult Bone Loss Cases

Missing teeth often lead to jawbone loss because the bone needs the tooth roots to keep it functioning normally. Gum disease, tooth infection, and trauma are other common causes of jawbone loss. Since dental implants rely on a firm foundation of jawbone for support, some dentists inform patients with severe jawbone loss that they are not candidates for dental implants. For less experienced implant dentists this may be true, but not for the implant specialists at Advanced Dental Implant Center! Our surgeons are among the few in the country that routinely place zygomatic and pterygoid style dental implants that allow patients with severe bone loss to receive Full Mouth Dental Implants treatment. If other dentists tell you that there is no hope for dental implants, please turn to Advanced Dental Implant Center! We can help!  

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Susan – A Full Mouth Dental Implants Patient with Severe Bone Loss

Because Of Pterygoid Implants, I Love Showing Off My New Teeth

We Make The Impossible... Possible!

For patients with severe jawbone loss, being told that there is no hope for dental implants can be devastating. At Advanced Dental Implant Center, our surgeons can help treat patients with extreme bone loss through the use of specialized zygomatic and pterygoid dental implants. Because these implants are widely considered to be most challenging and difficult in all of implant dentistry, few surgeons can place them. The doctors at Advanced Dental Implant Center not only place zygomatic and pterygoid implants on a regular basis, they have also published many scientific articles on their use and have lectured about them at multiple major implant conferences. If other dentists have told you that there is no hope for dental implants, please see us for a second opinion!

Marie's Dental Implants After & Before Photos

Improve Your Quality Of Life More Quickly

Our specialized method for replacing missing teeth in cases of jawbone loss not only makes it possible to help more patients regain their confidence, it enables them to return to a normal life more quickly. We regularly perform bone grafting and sinus lifts as part of the dental implant placement procedure for people with bone loss. However, if you’re one of those patients with severe bone loss, we may be able to provide you with one of these other specialized procedures instead. They don’t require the regrowth of bone, which can take several months to a year and involve multiple procedures, and allow us to go directly to dental implant placement.

Think You’re Not A Candidate For Dental Implants? We Can Help.

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