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Artificial Teeth, Real Results

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants may be just what you have been looking for! Dental implants provide a permanent solution for the replacement of missing teeth. They restore your ability to chew food, improve the appearance of your teeth, and restore your confidence. Our board certified surgeons at Advanced Dental Implant Center are some of the most highly qualified and experienced dental implant surgeons in the United States. See samples of our team’s dental implant cases at the bottom of this page.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are extremely safe and have been used in dentistry for nearly 40 years. Implants are small titanium posts which replace the roots of missing teeth. Once healed, implants provide a strong foundation upon which a crown or “cap” may be placed. Implant teeth look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Best of all, implant teeth are permanent and can last a lifetime with proper care. Our board certified surgeons have successfully placed thousands of dental implants.

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Are dental implants better than dental bridges?

Modern dental implants have success rates exceeding 95% and have a number of benefits over traditional treatments such as dental bridges. With a bridge, your dentist shaves down teeth next to your missing tooth to create space for the restoration. In addition to removing perfectly good tooth structure, shaving teeth down for a bridge may irritate the nerves of the teeth leading to future root canals. With dental implants, the teeth next to the missing tooth are not touched. This eliminates unnecessary trauma to the adjacent teeth and the possible need for expensive and painful root canals.

When Getting Dental Implants, EXPERIENCE MATTERS

The board certified surgeons at Advanced Dental Implant Center are among the industry leaders for dental implant treatment. With more than 25,000 dental implants placed, Advance Dental Implant Center doctors have the experience you need and can trust. While most dental offices offer dental implants as side treatment among a long list of other procedures, Advanced Dental Implant Center specializes in the placement and restoration of dental implants. Learn more about our Experience.


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