Permanent teeth after just one visit will have you enjoying your favorite foods, speaking, and smiling again.

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An Alternative to Dentures

Our full mouth dental implant solution provides you with permanent teeth, secured by dental implants on the upper and/or lower jaw, giving you the look, feel and function of natural teeth.

A Permanent, Implant-Secured Smile

Long-term benefits of Full Mouth dental implants

Eat Your Favorite Foods

95%+ bite force empowers you to eat anything you want

Speak And Smile With Confidence

Full mouth dental implants provide you with a strong and stable smile

No Dentures Needed

Nothing covers the roof of your mouth, no daily removal of a denture and no slipping denture

Prevent Jawbone Loss

Full mouth dental implants provide firm support for your facial structure

Lora’s Smile Transformation Story

Why Did I Ever Wait? I Feel Better All The Way Around. I’m Just So Much Healthier And Happier.

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Real Patient. Real Results.

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Why Advanced Dental Implant Center?

Not Enough Bone for Dental Implants?

We Have the Solution!

Doctors at Advanced Dental Implant Center routinely place Zygomatic, Pterygoid and difficult Quad Zygoma implants, making it possible for patients with severe bone loss to receive a new set of teeth, secured by full mouth dental implants, in just one day. In fact, our Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Dan Holtzclaw wrote two of the most widely read textbooks on this procedure: Remote Anchorage Solutions for Severe Maxillary Atrophy and Pterygoid Implants: The Art and Science.

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Susan’s Story | Because of Pterygoid Implants, I Love Showing Off My New Teeth

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Have No Fear With Intravenous Sedation

At Advanced Dental Implant Center, we understand that fear can keep you from getting the treatment you need to restore your smile. Our doctors offer multiple sedation options, including general anesthesia, to help reduce fear, anxiety, and discomfort during dental procedures.

Sedation Benefits
Advanced Dental Implant Center

Trust Your New Smile To No One Else

Dental implants have become the standard for the replacement of missing, failing or damaged teeth. Advanced Dental Implant Center doctors are highly trained and skilled in providing advanced tooth replacement options that deliver new, permanent teeth on the same day as your visit.

The doctors, along with our Chief Clinical Officer, at Advanced Dental Implant Center are industry leaders for dental implant treatment. With more than 25,000 dental implants placed, 60+ implant articles published in peer reviewed dental journals, 150+ main podium lectures at conferences devoted to dental implants, and dozens of dental industry awards, Advanced Dental Implant Center doctors have the experience you need for dental implant treatment. While most dental offices offer dental implants as side treatment among a long list of other procedures (i.e. fillings, root canals, bleaching, etc.), Advanced Dental Implant Center specializes in the placement and restoration of dental implants.

At Advanced Dental Implant Center, your entire team – including the surgeon, the restorative dentist, the laboratory technicians, and the support staff – are all located in one convenient location. Did you know that most other dental offices require you to travel to multiple “referral providers” such as outside surgeons or prosthodontists in order to have your dental implant treatment completed? Who has the time to drive all over town and sit in traffic? With everything under one roof, Advanced Dental Implant Center makes your dental implant treatment convenient, efficient, and effective. At Advanced Dental Implant Center, we can do it all when it comes to your dental implant therapy.

The Same Day, Full Mouth Dental Implant process is one of the most advanced treatments in all of dentistry. To make this treatment possible, Advanced Dental Implant Center provides state-of-the-art technology to our board-certified dental implant providers. To make the most accurate diagnosis possible, Advanced Dental Implant Center uses in-house Cat-Scan machines to evaluate the condition of existing bone structure. For the most accurate planning of your implant bridges, Advanced Dental Implant Center uses world-class Zirkonzahn™ Facehunter™ face scanning technology and Zirkonzahn™ Modellier™ digital prosthetic design software. For the most accurately manufactured dental prosthetics, Advanced Dental Implant Center laboratory technicians use top-of-the-line Zirkonzahn™ M4 Milling Machines. To enhance sedation safety, Advanced Dental Implant Center uses hospital-grade sedation monitors and operating room equipment. At Advanced Dental Implant Center, we pair the most advanced dental technology with expert dental providers to deliver the highest level of dental implant care.

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