Three Reasons You Might Need a Sinus Lift

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Most people rarely think of their sinuses unless they have a sinus headache. Periodontists think about sinuses more often, and in a different way. For periodontists, empty sinus cavities can be the ideal place to add more bone to the upper rear jaw of a patient. This process, called a sinus lift, is a common dental treatment and quite useful in a number of situations. In fact, many adults in Austin, TX receive sinus lifts. First, though, you probably want to understand how a sinus lift works


A Breakdown of a Classic Sinus Lift

Did you know that it is likely that the roots of your upper molars likely extend into your sinuses? This is natural. However, if you lose one of those molars or have a molar from that area extracted, the bone that held the tooth in place will tend to become thinner. The thinner the bone becomes, the less supportive it will be in terms of being able to stabilize a dental implant. This is where a sinus lift comes into the picture.

A sinus lift allows a periodontist to add bone grafting material to the bone that separates the sinus cavity from the roof of the mouth. Within a few months, the grafted bone material fuses with existing bone. The result is enough bone material to support an implant.

What types of implant situations often warrant a sinus lift, then? Three basic ones come to mind.

Situation #1: You Are Replacing a Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant

What happens if you lost one of your upper molars years ago and want to be able to chew food properly again? You may need a sinus lift in Austin, TX. Bone loss normally happens rapidly after losing a tooth. This means you might not have enough bone density. But after a sinus lift, you could receive your new dental implant.

Situation #2: You Are Switching to Implant-Supported Dentures

Whether you recently lost all your teeth in your upper jaw, or you have been without teeth for a while, you may want an alternative to removable dentures. Placement of implant-supported dentures, or even the revolutionary Teeth-in-a-Day process, can be a terrific way to get back full function and aesthetics. Again, a periodontist may recommend a sinus graft to ensure the highest possible success of your implant-supported dentures or Teeth-in-a-Day solutions.

Situation #3: You Have to Replace an Older Dental Implants

Most dental implants stay in place for a lifetime. However, an infection-related condition like peri-implantitis can necessitate the removal of a dental implant. If you experience peri-implantitis, a periodontist may take out the failing implant, treat the problem, let the location heal, and then suggest a sinus lift before placing another dental implant.


A Sinus Lift in Austin, TX Can Give You the Freedom to Consider Dental Implants

If you have considered replacing one or more teeth in your upper jaw, you may require a sinus lift first. Want to set up a consultation with a periodontist in Austin, TX who is also a leading authority on implants and regularly performs sinus lifts? Call our Advanced Dental Implant Center office in Austin, TX at (512) 456-3161 to arrange an appointment with our doctors, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw and Dr. Juan Gonzalez!

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