The Good and Bad Foods to Eat After Implant Surgery

patient smiling after his dental implant procedure

One of the biggest reasons many patients choose to replace missing or failing teeth with dental implants is to restore their ability to eat the foods they love again. After tooth loss, the ability to bite and chew is significantly impaired and solutions like dentures still do not provide the bite and chewing strength of natural teeth. With dental implants, patients often enjoy a near 100% return to their oral function and after the implants have healed, can eat almost any food they would like. However, immediately after dental implant surgery, care must be taken to ensure the mouth and implants heal. Below, we have created a list of good foods to eat after surgery, and bad foods that can hurt the healing process.


Good Foods to Eat After Surgery
Immediately after implant surgery, you will likely feel sore. Choosing soft foods or even having a liquid based diet for several days can ensure your implants and jaw heal without concern. For many patients, it takes several weeks to fully heal, but most can enjoy a return to solid foods after just a few days. Foods that you are encouraged to eat after surgery include:
• Soup (avoid overly hot soup)
• Smoothies
• Yogurt
• Soft breads
• Oatmeal
• Bananas
• Pasta


Foods to Avoid After Surgery
After surgery, you will want to avoid certain foods that can hurt your gums or that involve excessive chewing. Your gums and jaw bone will be sore from the surgery and should be given the opportunity to heal. Crunchy foods can accidentally get stuck between teeth or cut the gums. Foods that require lots of chewing put too much strain on the implants and can impair the healing process. And foods that need to be bitten into can hurt the healing of the implants or even pull out sutures if there are any. Foods that you should avoid include:
• Popcorn
• Potato chips
• Whole apples
• Corn on the cob
• Steak
• Ice cubes


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