Sedation Dentistry: What Level of Sedation Is Right for You?

sedation dentistry in San Antonio, TX. 

Some people start to feel it while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office. Other people feel their dental anxieties well up just thinking about scheduling a dental appointment.

The reasons people put off going to the dentist’s office varies in reason and intensity, ranging from fear of pain, needles and embarrassment to fear of having an overactive gag reflex trigger and anxiety about having to sit still for a while. For each of these issues, and those falling anywhere in between, there’s a level of dental sedation that right for each one.

Light Sedation

This level of sedation is great for calming people who experience moderate anxiety during dental procedures. Light sedation is mild enough that patients could safely use the same dosage at home, without the supervision of a medical expert.

At this level of sedation, the consciousness is only mildly altered. Response times may be slowed, but it won’t be nearly enough to put you under like general anesthesia.

Moderate Sedation

For people showing physical signs of anxiety, a stronger sedative may be required. Response times are slowed even more at this level of sedation. You may be slow to respond to verbal or physical prompts, which can be greatly beneficial to patients with an overactive gag reflex, tremors from anxiety or for those who have a hard time sitting still for any longer than a short amount of time.

Deep Sedation

At this level of sedation, response times are significantly slowed. Deep sedation may suppress your consciousness that you fall asleep, but your dental staff won’t have any problems waking you. With general anesthesia, you’ll sleep until the medication begins to wear off. Deep sedation is a great option for patients who will have to lie still for lengthy procedures. At this level of sedation, you’ll be closely monitored by specialists as the amount of a sedative you receive could impact your respiratory system and may call for a ventilator.

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