How to Overcome Anxiety About Dental Implant Surgery

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If you need dental implants and feel nervous about undergoing surgery, you’re certainly not alone. Many people are afraid to visit the dentist even for a routine hygiene cleaning, so it makes sense that you’re apprehensive about surgery and recovery. The good news is that your fear doesn’t have to stop you from receiving amazing dental implants and a new life!

Put your dental anxiety in the past by choosing an implant surgeon with the following:

Modern technology

Though dental implant treatment is still a complex and personalized process, implant surgeons like Dr. Dan Holtzclaw have been able to simplify many aspects of it, including surgery. Dr. Holtzclaw and his team use state-of-the-art Zirkonzahn™ Facehunter™ face scanning technology, Modellier™ digital prosthetic design software, and M4 Milling Machines to manufacture prosthetics in their in-office dental lab. This technology will make your surgery minimally invasive and efficient while improving your recovery time and reducing post-operative complications.

Dental implant specialization

It’s better to trust your dental implant surgery to a specialist than a general dentist who only has weekend training or minimal experience. Dr. Holtzclaw and his team only place and restore dental implants, helping patients regain a new life with this treatment every day. As a team, they have placed over 25,000 dental implants and completed 2,000 full arch dental implants cases with an over 99 percent success rate.

Sedation options

To ensure your surgery is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, choose an implant surgeon who offers sedation. Most patients prefer IV sedation for dental surgery like implant placement. This is the highest level of conscious sedation and while you’ll feel drowsy and relaxed, you’ll still be responsive to verbal commands. Dr. Holtzclaw and his team offer IV sedation using hospital-grade monitors and operating room equipment. They’ve also completed over 40,000 IV sedation procedures.

Schedule your appointment

Dental anxiety is normal, but easy to overcome when you have such an experienced and skilled team leading your treatment. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Holtzclaw today to learn more.

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