How Dental Implants Can Improve the Aesthetics of Your Smile

dental implants in austin tx

For many people, the thing they look forward to most after getting dental implants is enjoying the foods they could no longer eat due to missing or dentures that literally couldn’t cut it. However, there’s an often-overlooked benefit of getting dental implants – and it’s a major perk. Getting dental implants can improve your smile significantly. Find out how full arch dental implants can make your smile look fuller and healthier.

The Teeth Look and Act Like Natural Teeth

Because dental implants fuse with the jawbones, just like how natural teeth take root in the jawbones, dental implants over a degree of stability and reliability that’s rivaled only by natural teeth. They’re much more stable and reliable than conventional dentures and bridges.

The fusion of the jawbones and dental implants offer a number of benefits that’ll help your teeth and your smile look natural:

  • They won’t slip out of place while you’re eating, talking or flashing your smile
  • You can eat naturally, without having to cut up your food into tiny pieces
  • They won’t muddle your words and it’ll be easier to enunciate your words than with conventional dentures.

They Can Help Regenerate Jawbone for a Better Smile

Just like natural teeth, dental implants stimulate the jawbone. When you chew with natural teeth or dental implants, the roots of the implants or the teeth stimulate the jawbone and keep it active. But when you lose teeth, the jawbones no longer receive that stimulation and begin to deteriorate as a result. That deterioration can soften the jawbone can cause the cheeks to sink inward, dramatically altering your smile over time.

Bone grafting can help add more mass to areas of the jawbone weakened by deterioration. Combined with dental implants and the stimulation they provide the jawbone, a smile that once looked to be thinning out could be rekindled.

More on Dental Implants in Austin, TX

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