Have Anxiety-Free Dental Procedures With IV Sedation

Dental Patient Calm In A Dental Chair Before Her Procedure Due To Dental Sedation

Dental anxiety is a well-known reality by many dentists. But not many have the tools necessary to provide anxiety-free dental procedures to their patients. We offer a wide range of sedation options, including IV sedation, to provide anxiety free care here in Austin, Texas. We are the experts on using IV sedation with tons more training than the average dentist.


Our Form of IV Sedation

But what is IV sedation? Well, IV sedation provides a great way for patients with dental anxiety to have procedures without the intense fears caused by going to dentists. How IV sedation works is with a sedative fluid being provided through a device which attaches to your arm. This sedative will alter your state of consciousness and will cause you to not remember the procedure we perform. In other words, you have the procedure with the experience of having had the procedure.

Many practices will claim to be IV sedation certified. This is not a difficult thing to claim as one can get IV certified in a simple weekend training course. All our providers have extensive anesthesia training which takes place over the course of weeks and even months of training. The entire team having undergone this training is important to provide the best quality service to you and provide the best comfort we can.

The equipment used in IV sedation is also super important. Only top-quality medical equipment which can be found in different surgical centers and medical facilities throughout the rest of the healthcare community will be found in our facilities. Our use of this equipment is to monitor the patient and be confident in their well-being whilst under IV sedation. Because of this, If anything goes wrong, we will know and have the expertise to know what to do if the situation arises.


Choose Expert Care For Your Procedure

Advanced Dental Implant Center in beautiful Austin, Texas, has a long-standing reputation of high-quality care. That reputation was formed by our expert dentists. With over thirty thousand dental implants placed, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw has performed many successful procedures on patients with dental anxiety. Dr. Holtzclaw and his team have masterfully used IV sedation with never once having had any unresolved issue caused by IV sedation.

Have the experts handle this and schedule a consultation with our experienced and friendly doctors, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw and Dr. Juan Gonzalez, to discuss how our IV sedation practices are better than the rest. To schedule a free first consultation at our office in Austin, TX, call us at (512) 456-3161 or by email us at infoaustin@diadentalimplants.com. Let us provide the highest quality dental care and heal your dental woes with less fear than ever before!


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