Can You Still Get Dental Implants Even If You have Bone Loss?

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Dental implants have forever changed the field of dentistry and changed the way we think about growing old. No longer do we accept being toothless, known as edentulism, as being a near unavoidable part of growing old. That’s because dental implants work just like real teeth, as they’re implanted into the jawbone just the way that natural teeth are.

But what if you’ve had significant bone loss? Is there a point when bone loss completely rules out the prospect of getting dental implants?

Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts

Some of the most common supporting procedures for establishing dental implant candidacy include bone grafts and sinus lifts:

Bone grafts: bone taken from another area of your body, a cadaver or from an animal is used to build up areas of the jawbone where there currently isn’t enough to support dental implants.

Sinus lifts: a form of bone graft, sinus lifts entail making an incision on the side of the gums and lifting the sinus membrane away from the area. With the membrane pulled back, the dentist will pack in the bone dust to add more volume to that area of the jawbone.

Zygomatic and Pterygoid Dental Implants

While bone grafts and sinus lifts can turn a poor candidate for dental implants into a strong candidate for them, bone loss can be so severe that these two solutions are no longer and option. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Zygomatic and pterygoid dental implants offer reliable alternatives to those who have lost too much jawbone to be candidates for conventional, screw-style dental implants that are implanted into the jawbone.

Unlike screw-style implants, zygomatic and pterygoid dental implants entail the dentist a placing a metal scaffolding around the remaining jawbone, underneath the gums. Dental crowns, bridges or dentures can be affixed to this scaffolding to provide a firm foundation that allows you to chew touch foods, talk without your words being distorted by sliding dentures and to smile confidently.

Find Out More About Your Options for Dental Implants

Learn more about your options for dental implants in Austin, TX after bone loss. Schedule an appointment with Advanced Dental Implant Center, one of the leading organizations in the country for placing both conventional and scaffolding-style implants.

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