Why Sedation Is Better than General Anesthesia at the Dentist’s Office

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If you’ve got a fear of going to the dentist’s office or a general anxiety, it might seem logical to opt for general anesthesia so that you can simply sleep through your procedure. However, there’s a safer and arguably more desirable option for getting of dental anxieties: sedation dentistry. Find out how sedation dentistry can help you get over your anxieties and learn why general anesthesia often isn’t the best route for managing anxiety in a dental setting.

How Sedation Can Help

Whether you have a generalized anxiety disorder or you’ve got a specific fear of dental settings, sedation can help you calm down and remain calm throughout your procedure. And the benefits of sedation dentistry don’t end there.

Sedation also makes it easier to feel comfortable sitting still for extended periods of time. It can also calm an overactive gag reflex, allowing your dentist to work in your mouth without making you nauseous.

Routes of Sedation

One of the most common routes of sedation is IV sedation. It’s fast-acting and highly effective, given the ability of your dental staff to administer precisely the dosage you need to feel relaxed and calm. But if you have a fear of needles, there are other routes. Many dental offices offer oral sedation, giving you sedatives to take orally in pill forms. Another common alternative if nitrous oxide gas, which is administered through a face mask.

Sedation Is Safer

You’re likely in good hands in most dental office staffed with anesthesiologists. Yet, general anesthesia still has more risks than sedation. The candidacy requirements for general anesthesia are rigid because of the risks involved. While sedation may make you sleep, general anesthesia will put you to sleep until it wears off. So along with being safer, sedation is often more preferable in a dental setting because the duration of many of the procedures doesn’t warrant being under anesthesia for hours.

More on Sedation Dentistry in Round Rock, TX

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