What Do I Need To Do After Getting Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Patient Smiling After Their Procedure

The day has finally come: A dentist placed your dental implants. Your smile has never looked so bright or seemed so complete. Now, what can you do to make sure that you can enjoy your dental implants for the long haul? The answer is to focus on the recommended post-implant care!

Although dental implants require very little day-to-day babysitting, they can benefit from some regular care. Below are several key tips to ensuring that your dental implants keep looking good right after your surgery, as well as for the coming decades. 


Follow Your Post-Surgery Protocol

After undergoing the surgical placement of your dental implants, a dentist will give you a few directions on how to promote your healing. Follow the instructions as written. Being patient and diligent will pay off and help you speed up the time it takes for your smile to recover. Yes, it can be hard to keep your mouth clean and limit the foods you eat for a little while, but your compliance will reduce your chances of any unwanted side effects like infections related to improper post-implant care.

Keep All Your Dental Appointments

Your dental implants may not be natural teeth, it’s true. Nevertheless, you should still do your best to take care of all the teeth in your mouth. And that includes making and keeping all your dental appointments. Patients with dental implants need to visit their dentists every six months for checkups, cleaning, and screenings. The dentist will examine the dental implants during each visit to make sure that they and the surrounding soft tissues look healthy.

Contact Your Dentist If You Experience Implant-Related Problems

A dentist in Austin will want to know if you are experiencing unusual problems such as pain or unexpected swelling at or around the site of your dental implants. Instead of taking a “wait and see” attitude, always pick up the phone and call your dentist to report issues. Your problem may be a false alarm or just a normal bodily response to implant surgery, since the vast majority of dental implant surgeries are successful. However, you still should make sure and get looked at by a professional.


Are Dental Implants in Your Future?

The decision to improve your smile with dental implants in Austin, TX is a very personal one and deserves an individualized, compassionate approach. If you are wondering whether dental implant treatment could work for you, contact Advanced Dental Implant Center in Austin, TX at (512) 456-3161. Dr. Dan Holtzclaw has placed more than 30,000 implants during his career and offers free consultations to patients interested in this phenomenal and practically permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth.

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