What Causes Bone Loss and What Can I Do If I Want Dental Implants?

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It’s a bit of a conundrum. The jawbone starts to deteriorate in areas where teeth were once planted, yet you need a good amount of bone left in those areas in order to replace teeth with the top teeth replacement option: dental implants. But tooth loss isn’t the only cause of bone loss. And if you turn to an oral surgeon, rather than a general dentist, you have more options for treating bone loss in preparation for dental implants or opting for advanced solutions for severe cases of bone loss.

Causes of Bone Loss in the Jaw

One of the most common causes of loss of bone mass and density in the jawbone is tooth loss – whether the tooth is lost due to tooth decay, it was knocked out or it was pulled for one reason or another. Without the roots of teeth firmly planted into the jawbone, the bone begins to deteriorate due to a lack of stimulates for the teeth.

A common culprit for tooth loss, and ultimately bone loss, is gum disease. Unchecked, gum disease will eat away at teeth, gum tissues and the jawbone underneath.

Other common reasons for bone loss include aging, genetics and chronic health issues.

Working Through Bone Loss

While bone loss can be a huge stumbling block on a person’s journey to getting dental implants, there are solutions to prevent it from becoming severe and they’re ways of working through it:

Ridge preservation – this procedure can help maintain the integrity of a socket in the jawbone after a tooth has been extracted from it.

Bone grafting – to regenerate lost bone, this procedure entails packing bone material in the area of the jawbone that needs more support

Specialized dental implants – only offered by oral surgeons, zygomatic and pterygoid dental implants leverage stable bone in other areas of the mouth when bone loss in the jawbone is too severe

More on Bone Loss in Austin, TX

Take a brief moment to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting dental implants despite having bone loss in Austin, TX.

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