What Are The Top Benefits of Teeth in a Day?

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The biggest benefits of systems like Teeth in a Day is that you don’t have to wear temporary dentures after you have your dental implants placed. And, you don’t have to attend several follow-up appointments as your dental staff works to have your dentures fabricated and fitted. No, with Teeth in a Day and similar systems, you don’t have to worry about making space in your schedule to fit another month worth of follow-up appointment just to get your permanent dentures. But the perks don’t end there.

Take a look at the top benefits of going with streamlined denture delivery services and how they make getting implant-supported denture more efficient than ever.

They Look Like Natural Teeth

There’s no delayed gratification here. Once your dentist’s places your dental implants, they’ll then begin attaching your permanent dentures to them. You may have walked into your dentist’s office with a smile you weren’t proud of, but with Teeth in a Day, you walk out with one you’ll most certainly find hard not to share with anyone who looks your way.  Going the conventional route, you’d leave your dentist’s office with temporary dentures attached to your implants.

Your Full Chewing Function Restored

You won’t have to fight with temporary dentures. Though your jawbone will still need a few months to fully heal, you’ll have your chewing function immediately restored and you also won’t have to worry about temporary dentures impacting your speech.

Fewer Appointments, Lower Cost

Because you won’t have to attend all of the follow-up appointment to get fitted for your permanent dentures, you’ll save money on the entire process. Your dentist won’t have to pay staff to meet with you and provide medical care over the course of follow-up appointments, for temporary dentures, that could span a month or more.


As good as it all may sound, you’ll need to have a relatively healthy jawbone in order to qualify for Teeth in a Day and similar systems. If you’ve suffered severe decay in your jawbone, you’ll need more checkups with your dentist after having your dental implants placed. These checkups will be especially necessary to ensure a bacteria infection doesn’t threaten your new implants as they heal.

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