Understanding the Phases of Dental Implant Treatment

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Are you curious about dental implants, but aren’t sure what to expect with the treatment process? While treatments will vary between dentists and specialists, in general, you can expect to complete your treatment in three phases. At Advanced Dental Implant Center, the experienced team led by implant surgeon Dr. Dan Holtzclaw provides “teeth-in-a-day” dental implants to streamline each phase of your treatment and restore your smile faster!


The 3 Phases of Dental Implant Treatment

Phase 1 – Planning

The first phase of your treatment is the planning phase where you’ll complete a personalized consultation and diagnostics. Dr. Holtzclaw will evaluate the health and condition of your jawbone using Cat-Scan imaging technology. He also uses innovative Zirkonzahn™ Facehunter™ 3D-facial scanning technology and Zirkonzahn™ Modellier™ digital prosthetic design software. These sophisticated tools help the team precision plan surgery and the prosthetic that will be fabricated in their on-site dental lab, ready to be attached the day of your implant placement.

Phase 2 – Surgery

Your surgery will be completed in the same facility as your consultation, diagnostics, and pre- and post-surgical appointments. This facility is equipped with hospital-grade sedation monitors and operating room equipment to ensure the most relaxing and comfortable surgical experience. The incredible accuracy and detail during your planning phase will make it possible for Dr. Holtzclaw to place your dental implants and attach a strong, life-like prosthetic the day of surgery. Our laboratory technicians use top-of-the-line Zirkonzahn™ M4 milling machines to hand-design and accurately manufacture dental prosthetics that look and function naturally.

Phase 3 – Restoration

Once your prosthetic and dental implants are in place, you’ll need about 4-6 months for your mouth to fully heal after surgery. During this phase, the dental implants and bone are integrating to form an incredibly strong and durable bond. Once this healing phase is complete, you’ll be prepared to have your temporary prosthetic removed and your final, permanent set of teeth attached! Enjoy amazingly beautiful, functional, and strong teeth for many years to come!


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