What Are My Options for Treating Bone Loss and Getting Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are such a reliable replacement for natural teeth because they function just like natural teeth. Just like the roots of natural teeth, the titanium rods of dental implants are placed into the jawbone where they’ll provide stability for prosthetic teeth. But if you’ve experienced severe bone loss in your jawbone, you might not have enough bone left to anchor your dental implants. However, there’s an alternative for such cases. Take a look at how an alternative to conventional dental implants can still help you get new teeth, even if you have severe bone loss.

Zygomatic and Pterygoid Dental Implants

Standard dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, where they fuse with the bone to deliver support and reliability that’s closer than any other method in delivering the full efficacy of natural teeth.

When there’s not enough jawbone left, due to years of decay and a lack of stimulation for natural teeth, standard dental implants are at an elevated risk of failure.

With severe jawbone deterioration, you can expect many dentists to turn you away with bad news stating that you aren’t a strong enough candidate for dental implants.

However, an oral surgeon, a highly specialized dentist certified to perform surgeries, can offer you one of the below alternatives to standard dental implants:

Zygomatic – these implants are inserted into the cheekbone and angled to deliver maximum support to the attached prostheses (a crown, bridge or dentures).

Pterygoid – avoiding the sinuses, these implants are inserted into the pterygoid plates, sturdy bone beyond the molars and behind the palate.

Pterygoid and zygomatic implants have more benefits, unique to them. They can help you avoid the need for supporting surgeries, such as a sinus lift to make room in your mouth or a bone graft to rebuild deteriorated areas of the jawbone.

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Even if you’ve been told you’re not a strong candidate for standard dental implants, you could still enjoy great success with zygomatic or pterygoid dental implants.

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your options for getting dental implants even with severe bone loss. In Austin, TX and neighboring communities, DIA Dental Implants is your top option for getting dental implants.

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