The Benefits of Technology for Dental Implants

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Since their introduction decades ago, dental implants have quickly become the tooth replacement of choice and an ideal solution for virtually anyone. A benefit to all patients, the process for receiving dental implants has become more advanced with the use of newer and more sophisticated technology. The team at Advanced Dental Implant Center, led by implant surgeon Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, leverages some of implant dentistry’s most innovative digital and surgical technologies to provide you with the highest quality care and long-lasting results.


The Main Benefits of Advanced Technology

Accurate Diagnosis

Technology like sophisticated Cat-Scan imaging provides high-resolution and panoramic scans of the mouth, including a 3D representation of the jawbone’s volume and density. This is critical when planning dental implant surgery as it shows where additional support may be needed from a bone graft or where dental implants can be strategically placed to avoid grafting altogether.

Exact Planning

Dr. Holtzclaw and his team utilize state-of-the-art Zirkonzahn™ Facehunter™ facial scanning technology and Zirkonzahn™ Modellier™ digital prosthetic design software to plan your new set of teeth. These digital technologies enable incredibly precise digital designing based on Cat-Scan imaging and 3D facial scanning for near-perfect prosthetic outcomes.

Precision Surgery

With such accurate treatment planning up until the day of your surgery, the actual placement of your dental implants will go smoothly and quickly. Your dental implants will be placed in the most precise location and depth in your jawbone to secure long-term function. Treatment can be completed in a single surgical appointment, including tooth extraction, implant placement, and attachment of a high-quality prosthetic.

Quality Restorations

For the highest-quality manufactured dental prosthetics, Advanced Dental Implant Center’s on-site laboratory technicians use sophisticated Zirkonzahn™ M4 Milling Machines. With great skill, they custom-fabricate each prosthetic using state-of-the-art tools and materials. This means you can have a superior quality set of teeth the same day as your surgery.


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