The Advantages of Zirkonzahn™ Technology

the three parts to a dental implant: a crown, abutment and titanium post

Since their beginning, dental implants have quickly risen to become the highest standard in tooth replacement. So it makes sense that you’d want to have your treatment completed at a similarly high standard of care. Our team recognizes the potential dental implants have to permanently change patients’ lives for the better.

Along with providing superior all-inclusive treatment, we’ve equipped our dental implant center with some of implant dentistry’s most innovative Zirkonzahn™ scanning, design, and milling technology. With help from this technology, our skilled surgeons have placed over 2,000 full arch cases with a success rate of over 99 percent! Zirkonzahn technology has many advantages for you as our patient, including:

  1. Precision

Zirkonzahn technology provides precision planning and design from day one. The Facehunter™ provides photo-realistic and three-dimensional representations of the face for accurate planning of the restorations using the Modellier™ digital design software. These designs are printed in-house using our M4 milling machine for superior precision and accuracy through every step of treatment.

  1. Quality

Because all our Zirkonzahn technology is right in our dental implant center, only our team is utilizing the equipment. This means that the same surgeons and staff who are completing your consultations and procedures are also leveraging the technology. We combine our advanced and specialized training in dental implants with this amazing technology to maximize the quality of your treatment. This ensures that our team routinely provides outstanding results for our patients.

  1. Comfort

Your comfort during every phase of your treatment is one of our highest priorities. Our Zirkonzahn technology is all digital, meaning you won’t have to endure goopy paste impressions. In a matter of minutes, our technology can capture 3D images substantially more accurate than with traditional impressions. This also means that your final tooth or teeth will fit more precisely and comfortably in your mouth.

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