Starting Your Journey to Getting All on 4 Dental Implants

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It can be hard to visualize a new chapter in your life with dental implants if you don’t know what to expect along the way. Taking a look at the early and intermediate stages of a dental implant treatment plan can make it easier to take those first crucial steps to getting a new set of teeth with All on 4 dental implants. Get a preview of what your journey may look like and then consult with a local dentist to learn even more about getting All on 4 dental implants in Round Rock, TX.

Consultations and Exams

You and your dentist won’t wing it, figuring out things as you go. To ensure that your implants are placed correctly and set up to last you the rest of your life, you and your dentist will need to be in lockstep on your dental implant journey. This starts with a dental implant consultation.

During your consultation, you and your dentist will work to align goals and set expectations for your treatment. At this stage, it’s important to be clear in telling your dentist what you want out of your implants.

Beyond getting on the same page, there are other key items you’ll cover at this stage:

Financing – you’ll learn about the different tiers of dental implants and ways to pay for them

Exams – your dentist will take 3D images of your mouth to determine if your jawbones are strong enough to support implants

Health – your dentist will need to know if you’re healthy enough to fend off infections and keep gum disease in check

Falling in Place

If you aren’t a strong candidate for dental implants, you may require supporting procedures to improve your candidacy. Some of these procedures, such as tooth extractions, can be done on the day of your procedure. Others, such as bone grafting, which needs months to heal, may need to be down months before the big day.

More on All on 4 Dental Implants in Round Rock, TX

Reserve an appointment with a local dentist in the Austin, TX area to learn more about what to expect along your journey to getting All on 4 dental implants in Round Rock, TX.

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