Solutions If You Have Severe Jawbone Loss

x-ray view of a placed dental implant

Have you been told that you don’t qualify for dental implants due to jawbone loss? There is a solution for you! Our team places Zygomatic and pterygoid style dental implants, which eliminate the need to have adequate levels of bone in your jaw. You can still receive dental implants with these options and without the need for bone grafting at all! If you have advanced gum disease, suffered dental trauma, have been without teeth for years, are a long-time denture wear, or other situations have resulted in severe bone loss in your jaw, you can still qualify for life-changing dental implants from our team!

What makes zygomatic and pterygoid implants different?

If you compare these types of dental implants with traditional implants, you’ll find that they’re much longer. This is because they’re inserted into facial bones that do not resorb as the jawbone does because of tooth loss. Placing these dental implants takes incredible skill due to the location of the zygomatic and pterygoid bones. Our team places these special dental implants regularly and has devoted many hours to researching and publishing scientific articles and lecturing on their use.

What are the advantages of zygomatic and pterygoid implants?

Both zygomatic and pterygoid style dental implants provide a lasting alternative to bone grafting, where severe jawbone loss is present. When it’s not possible to rebuild the jaw with bone grafts, these dental implants are an ideal solution. Using zygomatic and pterygoid dental implants also dramatically shortens your treatment time. Our team can place these implants and attach a full set of teeth in a single day! With our specialized skill, precision technology, and advanced surgical techniques, we can offer patients a new life with a fixed set of teeth that look and function like normal.

Why choose treatment from Dr. Holtzclaw our team?

  • 25,000+ dental implants placed
  • 60+ articles published in dental journals
  • 150+ lectures given on dental implants
  • Surgeon and restorative dentist in the same location
  • Sedation providers and equipment on site
  • In-house dental laboratory and technicians
  • Zirkonzahn™ scanning, design, and milling equipment

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