How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Keep Your Dental Anxieties at Bay

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Some estimates put dental anxieties in the U.S. population somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the population, meaning as few as one in ten Americans or as many as one in five have serious dental anxieties that have been causing them to put off appointments.

Thankfully, there’s a solution you’ll find offered at most dentist’s offices in the Austin, TX area. Find out how sedation dentistry in Austin, TX can make your next dentist’s appointment feel more like a dream than a nightmare.

Local Anesthesia

For many procedures, local anesthesia is a requirement. There’s no way for a person to face unmuted pain while sitting still enough for the dentist to work. But for people with dental anxiety, local anesthesia can also be used to reassure patients that their mildly- or moderately-painful procedure will be pain-free. Though a person may be perfectly capable of sitting still through a mildly uncomfortable procedure, fears of severe pain can put them on edge during treatment.

IV Sedation and Alternatives

One of the most effective ways of keeping patients calm during a dental procedure entails administering a precise dose of a sedative, measured to the individual’s needs and administered directly into the veins via an IV line.

With IV sedation, your dentist can adjust your so that you’re most comfortable during your procedure and so that the sedative begins wearing off as your procedure wraps up.

Because people with a fear of needles may rule out IV sedation, dentists typically offer a couple of forms of sedation:

Oral sedation – if you opt for this route, you’ll be given a sedative to take orally while you wait for your appointment. This option is convenient, but it could extend your appointment time because of the additional time needed for the sedative to kick in.

Nitrous oxide gas – administer via a mask, nitrous oxide gas, commonly called laughing gas, offers a quick onset that’ll help you avoid needles.

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