Not Enough Bone For Dental Implants? Try A Sinus Lift!

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Dental implants continue to be some of the most talked about advancements in the dental field. Now widely available, including in Austin, TX, dental implants offer permanent replacements for missing teeth. They can even help anchor a denture prosthetic for people who are without teeth in one arch. What happens, though, when you are told that you are not a current candidate for dental implant placement due to lack of bone volume? One alternative can be to first undergo a sinus lift.


How a Sinus Lift Works

Your sinus cavities are located just above the roof of your mouth. Under them is the bone that makes up the upper roof of your mouth. If you require dental implants in the area of your rear upper jawbone, you need enough bone to fuse with the implants. Otherwise, the implants will not afford the stability you need to support your new, life-like tooth abutment and crown.

How do you get more bone into your upper jaw in the back? One way is by lifting the sinus through a special type of bone grafting procedure. During sinus lift surgery, your periodontist will carefully pull away the tissue covering the bone to reveal the bone itself. The periodontist will then cut a round-shaped hole in the bone and push the bone up into the sinus cavity.

At this point, your periodontist will fill in the remaining hole with bone grafting material. The grafting material could come from another part of your body, or from donor material. Once the grafting material is in place, the periodontist will surgically reattach the flap of skin and allow the site to heal for up to a year.

Though this can seem like a long time, patience is necessary. It also pays off. Once the bone grafting material has fused with the surrounding bone, it has the strength to receive a dental implant. This allows you to get the tooth replacement you need to restore your smile’s function and aesthetics.


How Do You Know If You Need a Sinus Lift?

Only a trained dental professional can evaluate whether or not you might need a sinus lift to proceed with dental implant surgery. If you live or work near Austin, TX, and want to talk about dental implants, bone loss, or bone grafting, feel free to make an appointment with periodontist Dr. Dan Holtzclaw.

Dr. Holtzclaw has placed 30,000 implants over the course of his career. Named one of Dentistry Today Magazine’s Leader in Continuing Dental Education for 13 years, Dr. Holtzclaw welcomes the opportunity to evaluate all patients in need of tooth replacement options. To set up your consultation and examination for dental implants in Austin, TX, at Advanced Dental Implant Center, please call (512) 456-3161.

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