Can I Really Get New Teeth the Same Day I Get Dental Implants?

new teeth same day dental implants

In the past, you’d only have the option to be fitted with temporary dentures until your permanent set was finally ready. It could take another month and as many as four more dental appointments after having your dental implants placed before you finally received your permanent dentures. But, things have changed. Thanks to innovations in computer-aided design and computer aid-manufacturing, you can walk out with your permanent dentures on the same day you receive your dental implants.

Denture Fabrication

Traditionally, you’d have to wait until your dental implants have successfully fused with your jawbone, a process known as osseointegration, before you’d finally get your permanent dentures. But as the placement process became more efficient, dentists gained the ability to having dentures customized and fabricated ahead of your procedure. The result: your dentures are ready at around the same time your dental implants are placed.

Dental Implant Efficiency

Marked increases in the efficiency of dental implant placement has both shortened the time needed for dentists to place enough implants to support dentures. These increases in efficiency were spurred by advances in digital imaging, computer-aided design and digital planning software.

So dentists can now precisely plot where your dental implants will need to go to provide optimal support for your dentures and your dentist can use send this information to the lab, where you can your custom implant-supported dentures fabricated in little time.

Healing and Considerations

Your dental implants will still need a few months to heal, even though you can begin using your new teeth the same day you get them. You’ll also need to keep in mind that severe gum disease and decay can have a negative impact on your candidacy for dental implants, especially for Teeth in a Day.

Even if you aren’t quite ready to make the financial investment in dental implants, regular checkups at your dentist’s office can help stop any gum disease from advancing and threatening your candidacy for implants.

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