Local Anesthesia and Sedation: Freeing Your Dental Appointment of Fear and Anxiety

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For some, it’s a fear of pain. For other people, is a fear of having to sit still. And for others, it’s simply the fear of the unknown. There are even more reasons some people dread going to the dentist’s office, despite having a full understanding of how important and beneficial it is for them to do so. However, local anesthesia and sedation, two mainstays in dental offices, can take the fear and anxiety out of your next dental appointment. Find out how sedation and local anesthesia can make your time in the dentist’s chair much more comfortable.

Local Anesthesia

Pain is one of the biggest sources of anxiety for dental patients. But when you eliminate pain from the equation, you’re left with much less to feel anxious about. Local anesthesia removes pain from the equation. Whether you’re having oral surgery or are anxious about feeling discomfort doing a teeth cleaning procedure, local anesthesia can completely neutralize any discomfort. Though you may be able to faintly feel sensation, local anesthesia can ensure that you get through many dental procedures relatively pain-free.

Sedation Dentistry

Even local anesthesia can’t soothe all anxieties about pain, but sedation dentistry can – and much more. In a dental setting, it can be administered through an IV line, orally in pill form or in the form of laughing gas released through a gas mask.

Here’s a look at some of the many benefits of sedation dentistry:

A sense of well-being – when the sedative kicks you, a calm and a sense of wellbeing will begin to wash over you.

Comfortably sit still – you’ll feel relaxed and much more comfortably sitting still, even for longer procedures

Calm your gag reflex – if your gag reflex is easily triggered, sedation can calm it and allow your dentist to work without making you nauseous.

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