I Have Bone Loss, What Can I Do To Get Dental Treatments?

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If you are experiencing bone loss caused by gum disease and are interested in reviewing options for a new smile, you may need to get a few minor surgical procedures first. If the bone loss is located at a specific area or falls into a certain criterion, it may be treated with bone grafting. A dentist in Austin, TX will make the best determination based on thorough evaluation to ensure this is the best method for you.


About the procedure

A dental bone graft is a procedure performed to increase the amount of bone in a part of the jaw where bone has been lost or where additional support is needed. Bone may be taken from elsewhere in the body and surgically fused to existing bone in the jaw. Occasionally, synthetic bone material is used. A dental bone graft is sometimes needed if further procedures, such as dental implants, are necessary or if bone loss is affecting the health of nearby gums and teeth. During the procedure, bony defects around the teeth are thoroughly cleaned to remove all infected gum tissue. Once clean, these defects are filled with very small bone particles and covered with a collagen barrier.

While this procedure can be a great option for those with bone loss that are interested in getting dental implants, it is important to choose a dental professional with experience applying this procedure. Dr. Dan Holtzclaw of Advanced Dental Implant Center is one of the world’s leading authorities on bone graft safety. There is no denying the necessity of having a strong healthy foundation in your bone tissue before receiving dental implants or any other smile improving techniques. Dr Holtzclaw understands this thoroughly. In fact, in 2008 he wrote an article on bone graft safety which was featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Dental Association (ADA). Additionally, Dr. Holtzclaw served as the lead author for a chapter on bone graft safety in an international textbook produced by the American Association of Tissue Banks and the United Kingdom National Health Service.


Ready to get started?

Be sure to call our doctors, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw and Dr. Juan Gonzalez, in our office in Austin, TX today to schedule a consultation, and get treatment for bone loss and get started on a path to a brand-new smile!

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