How Soon Can I Get My Teeth After Having Full Arch Dental Implants Placed?

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For many people, there’s still more road ahead after having dental implants placed. In many cases, they have to wear dentures while their dental implants heal over the months following surgery. But of the stronger dental implant candidates, there’s an option to use their dental implants just days after having them placed: Teeth-in-a-Day. Take a look at some of the many benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day dental implants and find out what it takes to be a strong candidate for this premium tooth replacement solution.


In most cases, patients can’t wear dentures immediately after surgery. Typically, it’s recommended that patients wait at least ten days before wearing temporary dentures over their newly placed dental implants. If you want to wear existing prostheses over your new dental implants, you’ll need to get your dentures approved by your dentist to ensure that the dentures won’t strain the implants.


For especially qualified patients, the wait time for temporary teeth is much shorter than ten days. Patients who qualify for solutions such as Teeth-in-a-Day can get their temporary teeth just 48 hours after having their implants placed. What makes a person a strong candidate for Teeth-in-a-Day and similar solutions are strong jawbones.

To support replacement teeth just two days after surgery, you’ll need to have enough mass and density in your jawbones to support the implants. Those who’ve suffered significant bone loss in the jawbone won’t qualify for Teeth-in-a-Day and may need bone grafting to improve their candidacy for dental implants in general.

Permanent Teeth

So when do you get your permanent teeth after having implants placed? Usually, it takes about four to six months, though it can take longer. This is roughly the time it takes for the implants to heal and fuse with the jawbone.

Full Arch Dental Implants in Round Rock, TX

Take a minute to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for Teeth-in-a-Day and other formats of full arch dental implants in Round Rock, TX.

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