How Dental Implants Solve the Problem of Ill-Fitting Dentures

elderly couple smiling after their implant supported denture procedures

Do you wear dentures because you’ve lost most or all your teeth? Though dentures do an adequate job of restoring the look of a natural smile, they do come with their share of problems. One of the most troubling is how dentures become loose and ill-fitting over time. Thankfully, dental implants can solve this problem—and many others—by providing a permanent alternative to removable false teeth.


Why Dentures Become Loose and Ill-Fitting

Natural teeth do more than allow you to eat comfortably. They also provide stimulation to your jawbone whenever you bite and chew foods. When teeth are lost, so is the stimulation needed to keep your bone strong and healthy. Your jawbone will begin to resorb and shrink, a process that continues unless halted with bone grafting and dental implants. No matter at what point you were fitted for dentures, they will eventually become loose and ill-fitting as your jawbone loses volume.


How Dental Implants Solve Bone Resorption

The good news is that dental implants provide a healthy way to halt further jawbone loss and replace all your missing teeth! Dental implants provide the same bone stimulation that natural tooth roots do. They keep your jaw healthy long-term, providing a strong foundation to secure a denture or custom bridge of new teeth. These teeth will never become loose or fall out as they’re permanently secured to the dental implants that have integrated into your bone. You’ll be able to eat any type of tough or hard food with teeth that look and feel completely natural!


Trust Our Dental Implant Surgeon

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw has decades of experience placing dental implants, having retained an over 99% success rate in the thousands of cases he’s completed. He’s become a world-recognized provider of the “teeth-in-a-day” protocol as well as lecturing internationally and being published in numerous peer-reviewed publications and journals. At his all-inclusive dental implant surgical facility, he provides all phases of your treatment from a single team of skilled surgeons and staff. You can solve the problem of ill-fitting dentures for good in just a few personalized appointments at his practice!


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