Advanced Dental Implant Center Vs. Corporate Implant Center

Advanced Dental Implant Center Vs. Corporate Implant Center

Finding the right implant surgeon to replace your missing teeth can be a tough process. Who will provide the best care? Where will each treatment take place? Is technology that important? These are all questions you may be asking as you search for a dental implant team to place or restore your dental implants in Austin, TX. The good news is that Advanced Dental Implant Center makes your decision easy! We have the experienced implant specialists, resources, and comprehensiveness to provide dental implant treatment in a single location—without the impersonal, clinical feel of a corporate implant center.

Why Choose Advanced Dental Implant Center?
Advanced Dental Implant Center has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading implant centers, located in Austin, TX, exceeding the capabilities of dental offices and many corporate centers in three main areas: experience, technology, and convenience. These attributes provide many benefits for patients, giving them an exceptional experience and outstanding, long-lasting outcomes. Patients ultimately choose Advanced Dental Implant Center over corporate implant centers for these industry leading qualities, and here’s why:

1. Experience
Advanced Dental Implant Center is an implant-only center. This means the doctors, technicians, and staff that care for you during your treatment are focused solely on dental implants—placing and restoring them on a daily basis. While many corporate implant centers may not employ highly skilled or experienced doctors, our board-certified dental implant providers have spent upwards of five additional post-graduate years in dental implant specific training, plus attend and lecture at multiple international continuing education courses every year. Plus, they are not splitting their time between placing implants, doing root canals, or filling cavities. They focus solely on dental implant procedures, including full arch same-day options, bone grafting, custom restorations, and specialty implants for complex cases. The Advanced Dental Implant Center doctors combined have placed over 20k dental implants, have had over 70 articles published in peer-reviewed dental journals, have presented over 200 main podium lectures at prestigious industry events, and have successfully completed over 40k IV sedation procedures. With us, you truly are getting the best of the best.

2. Technology
Advanced Dental Implant Center uses some of dentistry’s most innovative technology and advanced techniques, including the DIAsmile™ teeth-in-a-day dental implant treatment protocol pioneered by Advanced Dental Implant Center’s founder, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw. Our doctors also use Cat-Scan machines, as well as Facehunter™ face-scanning technology, Modellier™ digital prosthetic design software, and M4 Milling Machines, all from Zirkonzahn™, a world leader in implant technology. In addition, each operating suite is established with hospital-grade sedation monitors and equipment. Leveraged by a team of highly experienced clinicians, the state-of-the-art technology and equipment offered in each location ensure the highest level of safety, comfort, and convenience.

3. Convenience
No patient has the time or interest go to multiple offices to get all the different treatments they might need to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Most dental practices and even some corporate implant centers refer patients out to specialists for different stages of their treatment process. Advanced Dental Implant Center has the implant surgeons, lab technicians, and prosthodontists needed to complete all phases of dental implant treatment in a single, convenient location. Better yet, with our DIArch protocol, our patients can experience our revolutionary single-appointment treatment process! With in-office teams simultaneously working to extract your bad teeth, place your dental implants, handcraft beautiful full arch bridges, and attach your new teeth, your treatment here is fast, efficient, and effective—and all completed in just one day!

Ready to Learn More?
Advanced Dental Implant Center is the ideal choice to receive state-of-the-art dental implant treatment in a single, convenient location. To schedule your FREE consultation or learn more about the Advanced Dental Implant advantage, call 512-375-0050 for the Austin, TX office.

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