Can I Replace All My Teeth with Dental Implants?

model of a dental implant in the process of being placed

Losing all or most of your teeth can be a scary and discouraging situation. If this is your reality, you may be wondering if you can replace all your teeth with dental implants, so you don’t have to use dentures. The answer is yes! Full mouth dental implants are the solution for all your missing teeth and can restore your oral health, dental function, and overall quality of life.


How Dental Implants Replace All Your Missing Teeth

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. They imitate the natural function of tooth roots, providing the necessary stimulation that keeps the bone healthy and strong. They’ll remain in place in your jaw long-term and if properly cared for, potentially for the rest of your life. Only four or more dental implants are needed to restore your smile if you’ve lost most or all your teeth. Attached to these posts is a bridge of prosthetic teeth custom-fabricated to your unique facial shape and mouth. These teeth are incredibly life-like and durable, functioning just as well—if not better—than your natural teeth. You’ll be able to smile with teeth that stay in place, eat any of the foods you love, and feel more confident and attractive with a beautiful smile!

Benefiting from Specialized Treatment

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw is an experienced implant surgeon and is one of the world’s leading authorities in “teeth-in-a-day” full mouth dental implant treatments. In just one day using his DIAsmile™ protocol, he can replace all your missing teeth with a solution that provides amazing benefits for the rest of your life.

From your consultation and diagnostics to the surgery and prosthetic restoration, all phases of your treatment are completed in his surgical facility. With both office-based sedation and an in-house dental lab, this facility is well-equipped for surgical treatments like full mouth dental implants. Additionally, Dr. Holtzclaw has completed over 2,000 full arch cases and has retained an over 99% treatment success rate! He and his experienced team can replace all your missing teeth with dental implants, restoring your dental function and renewing your overall quality of life!


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