Are Implants Worthwhile for Those with Dentures?

patient smiling after his dental implant procedure

Dental implants are one of the best solutions to replace missing or failing teeth as they mimic natural teeth in both form and function. Many people choose implants because it allows them to return to a sense of normalcy after their teeth have begun to fail them. Yet many people who have lived with dentures for years are unsure if implants are worthwhile for them. While this is often a personal preference, it is something that should also be discussed with your dental professional. Dentures are an effective solution for tooth loss, but there are several problems associated with them that implants can fix.



Ability to Eat Foods

Both dental implants and traditional dentures allow patients to eat a wider range of foods. However, most dentures only restore a small portion of your natural bite and chewing strength. This means that certain foods, like steak or apples can be difficult to eat while wearing dentures. However, with dental implants, patients enjoy a near 100% restoration to their bite strength. This means they can eat almost any foods without hindrance.


Security in the Mouth

Dentures are typically held in place with pastes, putty, or simple suction. While this works to hold them in place, many patients experience slippage or have even had their denture fall out completely. This is often embarrassing and can make social gathers a source of anxiety. However, with dental implants, the teeth are firmly and permanently secured to an implant post that is embedded into the jaw bone. There is no chance for slipping or loose teeth.


Overall Comfort

When it comes to comfort, many denture wearers are used to the pinching or soreness of the gums after long use of their denture. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Denture discomfort is often caused because the prosthesis has to rest directly on the gums, but with dental implants, new teeth are supported by the implant itself, not the gums. This makes dental implants a more comfortable solution and does not cause any pinching or soreness.



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