Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Safe?

doctor holding a model of full mouth dental implants

A common question patients ask about dental implants is if they are safe. Patients often wonder about dental implants specifically as well as the treatment, including surgery. The good news is that, when treatment is completed by an experienced implant surgeon like Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, dental implants are incredibly safe! Here are four reasons why:


  1. Biocompatibility

Titanium dental implants are considered biocompatible material. This means that they rarely, if ever, harm the living tissues in your mouth, including gums and bone. Some patients may experience an allergic reaction to the titanium material though this is rare. Another allergy-free solution is ceramic dental implants, which provide virtually the same level of strength.

  1. Durability

The titanium metal used to make full mouth dental implants is incredibly strong and durable, consistently retaining an over 95% success rate (Dr. Holtzclaw’s treatments maintain an over 99% success rate). It allows you to bite and chew foods like normal, without fracturing, saving you the pain and inconvenience that comes with a broken denture. It is common for titanium dental implants to safely last for decades without ever needing replacement or repairs!

  1. Versatility

The vast sizes and shapes that titanium dental implants come in make them the ideal option for full arch tooth replacement. A skilled implant surgeon like Dr. Holtzclaw leverages this versatility of implant design to ensure customized and predictable results. Even for patients with severe bone loss or other compromising situations can experience successful treatment.

  1. Health

Full mouth dental implants pose minimal infection risk when surgery is from an experienced implant surgeon like Dr. Holtzclaw. Many cases of gum infection after dental implant places can be attributed to the patient’s lack of oral hygiene or poor lifestyle habits like smoking. When properly cared for, dental implants are the safest tooth replacement you can choose that also helps improve your oral and physical health.


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