5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Traditional Dentures

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Are you missing all your teeth and considering traditional removable dentures? You may be aware of their limitations, which will only continue to create frustration as the years go on. The good news is that dental implants provide a superior alternative to removable dentures! There are many reasons why you shouldn’t settle for dentures, including:


  1. Limited Diet
    Dentures only restore 10% of the biting and chewing power of healthy natural teeth. It will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to eat the foods you once enjoyed, such as raw fruits and veggies, nuts, meat, and other hard or tough foods. You may only be able to eat a soft food diet with dentures.
  2. Loose or Ill-fitting
    Dentures will naturally become looser and more ill-fitting over time. This is due to the bone in your jaw that shrinks away without the stimulation from natural teeth. You’ll need more pastes or adhesives but over time, these may not keep your dentures in place. You can have your denture relined, though this is often needed multiple times.
  3. Trouble speaking
    Dentures also make it more difficult to enunciate clearly due to their size and position in your mouth. Often, wearing dentures produces more saliva, which can interfere with speaking. You may find yourself lisping or whistling whenever you talk.
  4. Oral infection
    Dentures that become loose will move around on your gums and increase the risk for painful gum sores from chafing and even infection and inflammation in your mouth. This pain and discomfort can make it difficult to wear your dentures at all.
  5. Self-consciousness
    Dentures leave many patients feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about their situation. As a mostly unreliable solution, dentures may leave you with constant anxiety that they will slip, click, or fall out altogether—and when you least expect it.


Dental Implants Are a Superior Solution

Dental implants are permanently fixed in your jawbone to support a denture or custom bridge of teeth. With implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants, you can enjoy a life of restored function for eating with teeth that look and feel natural! It’ll be as if you never lost your original teeth in the first place.


Our implant surgeon, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, specializes in dental implant treatment to replace all missing or failing teeth. He has completed thousands of cases while retaining an over 99% success rate, which has earned him the status of a world-recognized leader in dental implants. With experience in such protocols as “teeth-in-a-day”, he has mastered the technologies and techniques to offer efficient, predictable, and life-changing dental implant treatment. He and his skilled team provide all phases of your dental implant treatment in a single location, giving you superior care at the highest level of quality.


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